Machine gun vs rifle

I watched Penn and Teller yesterday on TV. One item was on a machine gun versus a rifle – which is better when faced with five zombies?

Surprisingly perhaps,  the machine gun lost. 50 rounds killed only one zombie, while the rifle killed them all in 10 shots.

That is not surprising to photographers. “Spray and shoot” is often how new photographers start –  and it is as successful as the machine gun.

So try the following: Shoot less, Before you click:

  • Do you need this picture?
  • OK, then what is the background like?
  • And the (maybe off-centre) composition?
  • What is the subject meant to be?
  • How are you calling attention to that subject?
  • Have you simplified your picture? Really? Or can you do better?
  • Have you considered your viewpoint?
  • Have you considered what lens or zoom setting to use?
  • Have you focused accurately?
  • Is this indeed the right moment?

Only when you can say “yes” to all those, shoot. And be amazed at how much more rewarding your shoots become!


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