A reader asked me this:

I am now using Lightroom to manage my images (used to use Picasa because its quick, cheap, free).  I have searched the Lightroom help about clearing the CF card once the images are imported but it doesn’t seem to have that function.  It does talk about in camera formatting.  What do you suggest?

That is very simple.

  1. Do not delete images from your card after importing;
  2. Do format in the camera (but only after backing up your images).

If you delete images upon import, you are deleting them before you have secured them; What if your computer crashes? Also, by not formatting, you are open to file errors formatting errors, and differences between one manufacturer’s idea of good formatting and another.

So import images, back up, and then (and only then) put the card back in the camera and format using the camera’s menu.


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