Coaching Tip and special offer

I have a tip, a bit of self-promotion, and a suggestion for you. (You wil allow me a little promotion for once, I hope – if only because it can benefit you).

The tip: In addition to the schooling you take at commercial venues (like the School of Imaging or Sheridan College, both of which I teach at), consider doing some private or small-group coaching.

As it happens, December and January are great months for it, for four separate reasons:

  1. You have many events that need photos – family get-togethers, Hannukah, Christmas, you name it. You want to do well and impress everyone with what you can do now with your camera.
  2. You will have some time off, perhaps.
  3. You may even have new camera equipment… the world’s Santas do a lot of work in the dark months
  4. Coaches like me have time – December and January are months when much of the “normal” course work stops.

Small-group or provate coaching are especially great as a complement for class teaching:

  • You get the syllabus you need, not a set course. Your needs, your gaps, your equipment, your likes.
  • You get individual attention. Individual problem-solving.
  • You can do things you do not do in class – in-depth review of your images, to learn from them, for instance (this kind of “portfolio review” is incredibly useful in quickly making you a real photographer in the way you want).

So for the reasons above, to motivate you, I have a special on for December and January: a further 10% off the normal hourly price. As always you only pay me if delighted.
See more on this link and contact me (click on “contact” above) to learn more and to reserve your time right now – the months do fill up!


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