Mano a mano!

I am often confronted by students who assume that automatic functions are easier to use than “manual”.

This is a misconception. You should only use auto functions after you have learned to do it manually! That way you know:

  • What the camera is doing (mystery is never good) and why.
  • What the alternatives are.
  • When the camera gets it wrong.
  • What you’re getting – manual is predictable.

So my advice:

  • Always choose your own focus spot.
  • Now try manual exposure – ISO, aperture and shutter speed – before you use aperture mode, shutter mode or program mode.
  • Once you have mastered these, try to use manual flash mode.
  • Manual focus (as opposed to focus spot selection) can be good in macro, video, and so on, so it’s worth practicing that too.

You will be amazed at how quickly you grasp the technical aspects of photography, once you start te be in charge of them!


3 thoughts on “Mano a mano!

  1. Michael, about getting wrong. Last Christmas we were in Ellicotville NY for the week skiing, the camera on P, AV, or TV pretty much got it wrong. The results were not great. The snow looked grey and my camera angles lacked drama. I’ve been practising with M and feel confident, but do you have any tips to get better results for this years visit.


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