Photograph your life this month!

Life is short, and precious; and photography is the one way we can commit today’s image, today’s person, to eternity. No-one can ever take today’s “you” away once you have a photo!

So I urge you to take pictures – all the time. Learn to do it well (hint: I and many others can help).

And to have professional pictures taken, while you learn to do it yourself. Like this, from a recent family shoot:

How many of you have pictures like that of yourself?

This holiday season may be a good opportunity! If Santa gives you a new camera, ten hers is my assignment:

  • Spend the week before New Year’s Eve practicing;
  • Read this blog and search it;
  • And then on New Year’s Eve, photograph your entire family.

That way you will have those memories forever.


One thought on “Photograph your life this month!

  1. Thanks very much for the hints Michael, I have been reading them every day good back of the mind thoughts to put into action..I have been trying to photograph the moon in various phases and your hints have made me go back to basics from so long ago and now I am starting to “see the light” again. so to speak. thank you-John still lots to think about,many years of business have taken me away from my love of photography

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