Web sites in Lightroom

All you need to create web site galleries of your images in Adobe Lightroom is Adobe Lightroom and a web server/FTP server.

In the WEB module, you can lay out your gallery of selected images any way you like.. many templates are available and many settings are available in these templates. For instance, like this:

Which, once you upload it to a web server, leads to a web site like this:

I hope this spurs you on to doing something with your pictures: get a web host, learn how to FTP files to it, and share your pictures with friends and family – or with clients – with minimal effort.


2 thoughts on “Web sites in Lightroom

  1. Hi Michael,

    I asked you about Light Room vs Aperture a few months ago. At that time, you said that it was almost a matter of personal preference, siting that if one was happy with Aperture, the extra cost of Light Room was probably not warranted.

    Reading your blogs in the last little while, it seems that you are no longer, quite as ambivalent. What changed?

    Thanks Michael.

    As always; enjoying your blog, and learning from it regularly.

    Sam Taylor

    • Sam: much of what I write is applicable to both – they are both excellent apps.

      But you have to choose one and stick with it – no sense managing your assets in two different environments at once – and for me and many other pros that is Lightroom – it is the market leader. It is also more stable than Aperture, and frankly, much as I love Apple, they do have a history of not acknowledging bugs in their products (ask me about iOS 5 on my iPad!), and since my app is mission-critical for me, I need to choose the one that gives me the greatest likelihood of stability. And that is Lightroom.

      But if your choice is Aperture, that is fine – both are great apps, really.

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