Off centre

Remember, everyone: use off-centre composition often. Like in these portraits, where I am using the rule of thirds, roughly:

Richard Dawkins (Photo: Michael Willems)


MUA (Photo: Michael Willems)


Kim in a mirror (Photo: Michael Willems)

In all of these, I am using the Rule of Thirds to create a visually pleasing composition. (And do you like the reflections in the latter two shots?)


  • If your subject is in the middle, dead centre, you must have a good reason for this.
  • In the absence of such a reason, place your subject off-centre
  • Have any “motion” (eg where your eye is drawn because this is the direction the subject is looking in) happen towards the centre!

The rules are just guidelines – but again, use them if you have no specific reason not to.

And in doubt: shoot two, and select your favourite later.



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