My Flash pic is too dark!

I am using a flash and my image is too dark! What’s wrong?

It could be any of several things. The top ones in this handy checklist:

  1. You are too far (especially when bouncing). Increase the ISO or open up the aperture, or get closer.
  2. You are shooting a reflective object. Avoid shooting directly at a reflective object: bounce, or move it.
  3. Your Flash Exposure Compensation (“FEC”, symbol lightning rod and +/1 symbol combined) is set to “minus”. Set FEC back to 0, on the camera and on the flash.
  4. You are shooting a white scene. Set FEC to plus, eg +1 to +1.7
  5. Your flash is set to commander mode. Set it back to normal TTL, using the commander/remote button or menu.
  6. Your flash is set to manual mode. Set it back to normal TTL, using the “mode” button.

Now try again!


2 thoughts on “My Flash pic is too dark!

  1. You may also be using a Promaster flash.
    I was using a Promaster 7500EDF recently on my (pretty new) Canon Rebel T2i.
    Because I was working in a fairly small room, I set the flash to manual 1/8 and was getting inconsistent results. Some dark, some not.
    I switched over to the Nikon SB-24 that I normally use with the other camera, and the results improved.
    As the top of the line Promaster flash, I wasn’t very happy.
    It seems to do better with TTL, but I wanted different results than what I’d get from TTL.
    I don’t know whether the Canon 580 EX would have done better or not. It hasn’t worked in over a year. (Got the Promaster while it was in for repair the first time…)

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