Canon 5D MkIII

The Canon 5D Mk 3 has been announced, and many of you are pre-ordering (just like I pre-ordered a 1Dx). Google it: the details are all over the web.

Yes, nice, and I note that in particular the focus system has received a major update.

But let me caution you, and point to an opportunity.

The 5D MkII is very good also – yes, older focus system, true, but since we usually just use one focus spot, and we seldom shoot at f/1.2, that is not an issue. The camera is not the picture – the lens determines the picture quality much more than the camera, and the photographer does so even more.

So instead of putting down $3,500 for a camera, how about instead buying a good used (or even new, discounted!) 5D MkII? These will be available in droves as everyone upgrades.

So unless you truly need the new camera, I advise it might be wise to save your money and use the difference to buy a fast “L”-lens, and some pro training. Better pictures will result.


3 thoughts on “Canon 5D MkIII

  1. I agree, but for me its more about the photographer not the gear, and at $3500 US it seems a bit over priced in comparison to others in this space. Anyways, it always surprises me when photogs feel the need to dump their perfectly working gear for something new (and untested) . Its almost as if folks feel like their equipment has all of the sudden become old and failing overnight… just by one announcement.

    I think in a month or two there will be even better deals on the 5D M2, and Canon announced they are also planning to discount the M2 price soon so maybe hold on a bit longer for the floor to really fall.
    For me if I were a pro I would lean to the Nikon D800/D700 or Canon 5DM2…. however, I am completely fine with my 4yr old Nikon D90 for “prothusiast” shooting.
    Good Journey!

  2. I think a more compelling feature is the dual memory cards (CF and SD)!

    (Of course… your advice, while always thought provoking, in this case might hold a bit more water if you hadn’t already pre-ordered that 1Dx! 🙂 But I’m sure you’ll hasten to add that evolutionary progress it more important to a Pro than us normal guys on the street!)

  3. I have the 5D MKII. And I have always hated the ease with which the big dial on the back is so easily turned by accident. So many photos ruined with a sync speed pushed too high, or exposures screwed up in general. I have to constantly check the settings to confirm my exposures are still where I set them. FINALLY Canon has put a lock switch on that dial. Finally I won’t have to worry about screwed up exposures any more. I’m all too happy to upgrade for that one single feature. The rest is gravy.

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