Small changes, big effect

Small changes in your images can have big effect. That is why you should compose carefully.

Preferably when shooting, but often enough you can also do this in post-production.  You can:

  • Crop to remove elements that should not be in the image.
  • Crop to achieve symmetry.
  • Crop to achieve the rule of thirds.
  • Tilt for all the above as well.
  • Or change your camera orientation.
  • Or zoom in/out. All for the same reasons: to get a good composition.

Take this image, taken by a student:

Yeah I look tired: let’s blame the light (this was deliberately harsh, with direct flash).

But let’s crop to use the Rule of Thirds, and also let’s use a quick healing tool to remove the stuff on the left (done quickly for the purposes of this demo):

If I had had time I would have removed the light switch also, of course. Preferably when shooting, by hiding it behind the person.

Or look at this image before/after:

Wonderful couple, but a slight tilt to the left makes it (and the couple) more even, a better composition:

And finally this Uncle Fred shot:

Which when I turn the camera becomes an Uncle Mike shot:


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