Point of view

Changing your point of view often helps simplify your picture.

Here’s an example. A group shot a few hours ago of my Sheridan College students on a field trip in Oakville;

And here it is again, but now with me on an object to raise my level about three feet:

The shot is a demo – in a formal portrait, I would have had people look at me and so on – but you get the idea! The second picture has:

  • a semicircular appearance, as opposed to “flat”;
  • a much simpler background;
  • an unusual appearance due to the angle.

You should always ask yourself: could I take this picture from a different vantage point? Higher, lower, right, left, front, back: each of these can lend an image a different feel.


4 thoughts on “Point of view

  1. Loved this reminder Michael. Have always found it to be true when using that technique. Being 5 feet tall myself, I think a pair of retractible stilts would also be a handy accessory! Always look forward to your daily tips.


  2. The other advantage to the aerial shot, is the perspective of each person’s face, they are all in full view ,no bodies blocking anyone, despite whether they are looking at the camera or not. You cannot get that perspective, in this case, on the ground, one or more face is bound to be blocked.

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