Another tip or three.

Yesterday’s post: did you see those three images? Then let me add something about them. I shall debunk a few pretty common misconceptions.

  • Aperture must be low? They were all taken at f/5.6. So if anyone says “you can never get blurry backgrounds with an f/5.6 consumer lens” – wrong. Just get close.
  • ISO must be low? They were taken at … wait for it: 3200 ISO. So if anyone says “you can never get acceptable pictures at 1600 ISO or higher”-  not so, with a good camera.
  • There’s only one good setting? I was using an f/1.2 lens. So I could have gone to f/4 and 1600 ISO. Or f/2.8 and 800 ISO. Or f/2.0 and 400 ISO. Or f/1.4 and 200 ISO. Or f/1.2 and 160 ISO. Or instead of lowering ISO I could have gone to faster shutter speeds. But I chose not to for this demo. If I had,, I would have gotten very selective depth of field in the last image in particular.

So when you think something is a given – sometimes it is, but remember that “it ain’t necessarily so”.


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