A reminder of why we shoot RAW

A reminder here of why we shoot RAW.

Remember, RAW files are not standard and they are three times larger than a JPG. So why bother?

  1. Camera settings such as colour, colour space, white balance, sharpening, saturation and contrast  are not “applied”, they are “attached as suggestions” SO you can alter them on your computer at will without any penalty.
  2. Because of the extra bits of date (12 or 14 bits per colour in a RAW; 8 bits in  a JOG file), over-or underexposure can often be fixed.

To illustrate the last point: here is a snap that was overexposed by three stops:

But since it is a RAW, I can fix it…

See here, turned down three stops in Lightroom (just drag the EXPOSURE slide to -3):

That should convince you: shoot RAW if your pictures are important to you!


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