HELP – in a good way

When I bought my pro printer, a Canon 9500, at Henry’s in Oakville, I bought the extra “HELP” (Henry’s Extended Life Plan) coverage.  And I was just reminded of how great that coverage is.

I broke the printer. My fault. But guess what? Rob Buchelt, the store’s manager, just called: Because I bought HELP coverage, my printer was quickly sent to Canon by the store, fixed, and returned to me, all free of charge. What’s more, I did not have to find the receipt: it was in the computer.

Advice: buy this coverage when buying photographic equipment. It has saved me more than once.

Disclaimer: I teach at Henry’s School of Imaging (as well as at Sheridan College). But I am not a Henrys employee and get no compensation of any kind from the stores – my advice is always independent.

1 thought on “HELP – in a good way

  1. I agree with you for the most part however i am offering up a slight amendment to your statment. 😛

    Henrys HELP and OTC (over the counter) plans are great and would recommend them for most purceses. But be wary of printers. HELP does not cover the cost of ink for testing. i sent my epson r1900 in and they wanted to replace 6/8 of the inks. only 2 were below 1/2 full when i sent it out. Im not paying $100+ for a “free” repair. Had i known this when i got the printer i would not have purchased HELP.

    That being said i recomend HELP/OTC for pretty much anything else as it is a great insurance aganst failure. I had a tripod break on my and i went in and they gave me a new one right then and there so yes there plans are awesome and no i would not recomend it on a printer costing less then $1000.

    Just my experence. Feel free to offer a rebuttal, Michael.

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