Come To The Show?

Alas, for the first time in years I will not be speaking at the Exposure imaging show, May 25-27 at The International Centre. You may still want to go, but alas, you will not be seeing me.

Plenty of other opportunities, at Sheridan College, at The School of Imaging, at Niagara School in August, and in my private coaching, but that weekend has just freed up for me!


2 thoughts on “Come To The Show?

  1. Thats Crap, your not going to the show. Henry’s downsizing this year? So they are not using the bigger rooms?

    As a follower on your blog and twitter, the people that have also been trained by you, know that they dont have a instructor that can fill a full size room in The International Centre. In no way is my comment a knock against other instructors at Henry’s; but year after year you show that you fill the rooms, and you help people, unlike other photographers that dont help you and just want to show off their work… “This is what I’ve done” or “this is what I can do”… then they say “So come back to my booth and I will show you more because I don’t have enough time to show everything here”

    Michael thanks for having a comment section on your blog to vent… I still say it’s a mistake on Henry’s part not to have you there!

    • You’re welcome. I am sure the show will be great, but I shall miss speaking at it: I do feel I provide both education and entertainment, and it’s what I was born to do. Maybe next time again if I am asked. Meanwhile, Niagara School in August!

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