Just a moment!

Photography is about Light, Subject/Composition, and moment.

Like in this picture of Dan Bodanis of the Dan Bodanis Band, with Peel Region’s Acting Police Chief, the other night:

In a photo like this, “moment” is everything. A few tips, then:

  • If you take lots of pictures, you will succeed.
  • Look for moments.. “if it smiles, shoot it”.
  • During speeches, wait for a pause.
  • Do not shoot people while they are eating (or for that matter, while you are eating).

Sometimes it pays to simply shoot and not to worry too much about technicalities. In this case, I was bouncing a flash (behind me) while the camea was on kmanual, with settings chosen to capture enough ambient light (near or at the Willems 400-40-4 rule for indoors event flash: 400 ISO, 1/40th sec, f/4).


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