Apart from being busy driving (I picked up my son in Montreal yesterday: 1300km, 13 hours in the car, in one day).

But I have also shot a few weddings in the last days. And when I say “I” I mean “we”: look at this image: three photographers plus myself shooting the bride arriving at the reception:

That is Kristof, who shot the wedding with me, and our assistants Ola and Merav.

To do a wedding justice, you need several shooters:

  • You get the moments.
  • You get several points of view.
  • You have “equipment and CF card insurance”
  • You have “personal mishap insurance”
  • You avoid losing time due to constant lens changes.

A wedding is our mark in history, and it is worth doing well. If you are tempted to shoot one for a friend: engage a pro, or at least engage other shooters also.

TIP: wedding photography is in part fashion photography. Join Kristof and myself for a workshop on 19 May: – you only have three days left to sign up! (The same urgency applies to the Africa workshop: click here)


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