Need an intern?

An off-topic post, for which you will forgive me!

Many of my readers are in business, perhaps even as engineers. Hence my question: if anyone in the Oakville, Ontario area needs an intern for the summer, consider my son Jason. He is an Electrical Engineering student, in his final year at McGill university, and is home in Oakville for the summer. Resumé on request – he is experienced, having worked at various companies before. Let me know – email if you are interested in seeing his resumé:

1 thought on “Need an intern?

  1. Following in his father’s footsteps! First engineering, then possibly a photgrapher in the future?
    We may be looking (it is highly likely) for a few interns pending some contract negotiations. However, it’s more environmental/acoustic engineering related rather than electrical. However, if he is still interested, let me know Michael!

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