A few rules applied

This morning, I shot a product introduction: Samsung’s NX-20 point-and-shoot camera. Here’s one shot:

For a shot like this, a few things need to come together.

  • Composition: Filling the frame, and using the rule of Thirds.
  • Exposure: Right for the balloon, and hopefully for the sky – in this case, both, because I poisitioned myself right w.r.t. the light
  • Moment: the moment the flame is visible is the moment to shoot.

Remember that a photo is a combination of light-subject-moment. Get all three and you have a worthwhile snap. A good subject certainly helps – but it is not enough.


4 thoughts on “A few rules applied

  1. I’m recently really enjoying shooting in manual mode.
    Planning to go this coming weekend to African Lion Safari outside Hamilton, Ontario
    and have some fun taking challenging shots of wild animals.
    Perhaps manual mode wouldn’t be the best option in this case, any suggestion?
    Thanks Michael

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