Here’s Matt, the groom at the wedding reception we shot recently:

That is the kind of picture you would get without flash. Matt is too dark, so I could of course add to the exposure (open the aperture, slow the shutter, or increase the ISO). That would make matt’s face well-lit, but it would also make the background brighter and hence less saturated.

The solution is to use flash, of course, as all my regular readers know. A strobe into an umbrella and we get this instead:

Cool, no? And I do not just mean Matt, who is indeed very cool with the shades, but I mean the light as well. Try this, as the sunny days of summer approach.


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  1. Michael,

    If you only had an on-camera flash to work with, how would you approach this type of picture? Would you aim the flash directly at the subject with a softener ? use a bounce card?

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