Fuji Happiness

Those of you who have a Fuji X100 APC-C sized small camera: the new 1.30 firmware is out. Maybe it has been for a while – reminder to self to check regularly!  Download it from here.

Then upgrade, ignoring the Fuji instructions – you do not need the extra file. Just the FPUPDATE.DAT file. Once you have that:

  1. Insert a fully charged NP-95 battery into your X100.
  2. Format your SD card in your camera. (Backup your data first!)
  3. Connect the card to your computer.
  4. Copy the FPUPDATE.DAT file to the root directory of the SD card.
  5. Insert the SD card into your camera.
  6. Turn the camera on while holding down the [BACK] button to start the firmware update process, and follow the on screen instructions.

You will need to reset date/time and all custom fuctions.

And you will now have a camera with a few major upgrades since last year. Among them:

  • Better Autofocus
  • The RAW button can now be used as a programmable Function button too – thank God!
  • Many bugfixes and other small functionality improvements

Fuji has a winner with the X100, as I have said before – more importantly, Fuji, unlike some other camera makers:

  1. Listens to its customers;
  2. Acts quickly to implement their requests;
  3. Sees  an expensive camera like the X100 as an ongoing project, not as a “I’ve sold it and now on tho the next project”

…all of which I find very refreshing!


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