Prints… or not.

Prints… good and bad, are on my mind today.

Good, because prints are the way to share photos. A beautiful print, professionally printed and framed, is a work of art to last.  Frame your pictures – they will look so beautiful. Choose art paper and permament ink and the quality will astonish you – once you work out the paper types, print flow, drivers, settings, and so on. I print straight from Adobe Lightroom – and it rocks.

Alas, I am having to replace my printer. The Canon 9500 Pixma Pro is a great pro printer but the print head appears to be busted, Canon thinks – which means $300+ plus labour plus tax, and a wait of several weeks while I cannot print.

Since I cannot possibly wait that long, and in any case do not want to pay that much for a repair, I just had to shell out for an all-new Pixma Pro 9500 Mark II. We shall see if this arrives soon – until then, no prints. Alas.





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