Wedding Season!

An exciting new initiative: Kristof Borkowski and I are now shooting weddings, engagements, etc as a team. We shoot locally in Ontario, but also do destination weddings all over the world: our all-new web site,, explains more.

Lucy and Matt at their recent wedding (photo by

One exciting part is that since this initiative is new, unlike older businesses, we have openings even this summer.  Give us a call or drop us a line if you are interested in great photography of your special day or event.

And now what you are here for… a few Wedding Photo Tips:

  • When shooting a wedding, get a detailed list of required shots well in advance from the bride and groom.
  • Go over this list in detail until it is complete. That way, there will be no surprises!
  • Print the list!
  • Make sure you have the name and cell number etc of someone who can help you get all the people in the required shots together on the day. They know who Uncle Frank is; you don’t!
  • Use a camera with two memory cards, and write e4ach image to both. Cards fail, and precious moments never appear again – they happen once, and that is it.
  • Use fast lenses. A minimum of f/2.8 is required (even then you will shoot at 1600 ISO often!); prime f/1.4 lenses can often be even better.
  • Carry twice the number of flashes and cameras that you need. Things break!
  • Carry twice the batteries that you need – and then double this number again.
  • Change batteries for every segment of the shoot.

Use those and you’re set to go. (But… one piece of advice: do not shoot a wedding as the only shooter if you have no prior experience: shoot with a pro as an assistant, and then as a second shooter, a few times until you know the drill!)


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