Equipment Mania

Continuing on the theme of “why a pro delivers (and shy he/she charges real money for shoots)”, let me share this snap, taken last night as I was re-arranging my photo bag:

As you can see, there’s a lot of gear there. Including:

  • Six speedlights,
  • Five Pocketwizards,
  • A light meter,
  • Many modifiers,
  • Many small items to power and connect it all,
  • Many gizmos to mount it all together.

Total value, probably around $$7,000 for that alone. Add the cameras (maybe $20,000), the lenses (maybe $16,000), and the big lighting and miscellaneous gear (maybe $5,000) and you get some idea as to why pro shooting costs money.

But do you need all that? I have two answers!

YES – if you want to shoot important events commissions and professionally. You should not shoot a wedding without gear, spares, possibilities: you do the  client a disservice.

NO – if you are shooting for yourself. A camera, one or two speedlights and a stand with umbrella is all you need for great art – look at George’s great image of me the other day (scroll down).

So, if you are a learner here: take some of my classes (scroll down too), and do NOT be discouraged by all the gear you could possibly buy. Add but by bit, but you can create art from the get-go, with basic equipment, Stay tuned here to find out how.


2 thoughts on “Equipment Mania

  1. For leisure traveling which of your gears would you take with you Michael?
    I’m off to China for 3 weeks in September and still can’t decide what to take with me having 6 lenses /3 primes;28,50,85 and 3 zooms 16-35, 24-120, 70-300/ and one body d300. Looking to buy a used second body either d700 or d7000 since I believe I need a back up just in case. As for packing I have already few Think Tank bags to chose from.
    Thanks Michael

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