It can be quite interesting to make pictures of weather. Like the weather I had here outside my home a couple of days ago.

These were made with a wide angle lens, with the camera held steady on tables, on the floor, etc., using long exposures and low ISO. 200 ISO, 1/200th second, f/5.6 -and of course in manual mode.

So when you see nice clouds, get out the camera!


2 thoughts on “Weather

  1. Yes…the clouds the past few days here in southwest Mississauga, Ontario, have been quite something…especially in the evening…I posted a few on my new photoblog (which isn’t much to write home about…at least not yet).

  2. Hi Michael,

    I like your post today, as I usually do. And like you, I tend to reach for my camera (never far away) whenever I see dramatic clouds, sunsets, sunrises, rain, etc. A question I’ve been asking myself is, at what point does it become “enough”? When is it “just another cloud”, or in other words, why bother? It was exciting at the moment, but it just gets added to a file, on a hard drive, of yet another………

    Your thoughts??



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