Today, a post about hardware.

I am selling my 1Ds Mark 3 (see this ad here), because 1 1Dx, a 7D, and a 1Ds is one camera too many – two will do.

At the same time, I am doing a general cleanup. I recommend you do the same. This includes:

  1. Checking what I do not need anymore and getting rid of it or selling it.
  2. Organizing to pack things where they should go.
  3. Checking for common faults, like screws on lens bases coming undone (see an earlier post!).
  4. Checking for missing items (filters, battery covers, etc) and replacing those.
  5. Having all my lenses checked or repaired if needed. If you are in the Toronto area: Kino-san of camerarepair Canada does a great job and is very charming – and knowledgeable.
  6. Replacing batteries on Pocketwizards (these are Alkaline: they need to last without being used).
  7. Recharging all my NiMH batteries also.
  8. Cleaning all my equipment! First the outside, with a brush. Then inside if there is mirror dust – with a blower. Lenses too! And then, if I must, the sensors – with a blower first, then with antistatic brushes or wet pads (in that order) if I really have to.
  9. Making sure I have all serial numbers recorded
  10. Making and storing a picture of each piece of equipment for insurance purposes.

And then I am done, ready for the fall and winter shoots. Looks like I am shooting a lot of events, food, interiors, portraits, and Bat Mitzvah parties this month and next.  And you can hire me too, by the way – for photography or fort private training)!

But it all starts with a well-organized equipment.

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