Subscribers, note:

Subscribers to this daily training site, please note: I am deleting three quarters of my subscriber list. Alas for some countries, it appears that 100% of all “users” from Poland, Russia and Romania are fake. So are many French users and many, many others. I have no idea what spammers want with registrations that do nothing except send them daily articles, but whatever.

I delete by inspection of email address and name. Any users called “khsadjkhef” with email addresses like “” of “” gets deleted. If I delete you by mistake, reregister and add your actual name.

Or better still: come here to read the articles.


4 thoughts on “Subscribers, note:

  1. please delete my email address from your listings… I have subscribed for many months, and would in future prefer to go to your website……..thankyou for all your excellent advice…..I will in future prefer to selectively go to your site for specific topics and with luck be able to buy your on line books Tim venters

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