Air Show Tips 2

And a few more tips for shooting events like air shows.

Avoid what happened to me above: the grey area on the bottom left is the outline of the head of another spectator. I was too late – just a quick visit, so I was not at the front.

Use a crop camera if you have one – your lens is 1.5/1.6x longer that way! And consider using an extender to make your lenses longer. I used a 70-200 on a full frame camera, so I had to crop; a longer lens would have been great. 1.4 and 2.0x entenders are good. Not cheap, and you lose some stops, but there should be plenty of light at these events.

Be half way down the runway – that’s the lowest point for many routines and flybys.

Stay where you are. Find a position and stay. If you move, you lose shots.

Look at the sun. Be aware where the light is coming from.

Bring a Hoodman Hood Loupe – so you can check your exposures.

Um.. and have fun. Though doing this must be a lot more fun than just watching it:

(Yes, he is upside down).


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