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I often shoot on location – many of my shoots do not require a studio, and I generally find studio environments too clinical.

But now I have found a new studio I like, really like… in an old factory building full of photographers and other artists. I shot there today. Using my speedlights (of course!), I did studio shots like this:

The great thing about this studio, though, is that it is entirely suitable for cool environmental shots too. Even outside the studio:

Cool buildings.. train tracks… trees, privacy.. amazing.

As is shooting inside not using backdrops. Look at this cool window and brick wall:

And inside using the wooden floor:

All this may help you in several ways.

First, you can do a lot using just simple equipment: three small flashes on two light stands, and one on my camera, all using a simple 24-70 f/2.8 lens.

Second, you can go to and talk to Sam about studio rental per half day or day.

Third, even better: whatever your level of experience, you can have a private (or group) lesson from me in this studio on this type of studio shooting, either with speedlights or with strobes! Contact me for details – soon, before Sam fills up his studio!

Here’s Sam in his well equipped studio, in Hamilton, Ontario, a short drive from Toronto:

If you call him, mention my name. He’ll see you right with a special offer for readers.


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