Doing A Studio Shoot?

Studio shooting? In that case, I have a few quick tips for you.

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So here are my studio success tips:

  1. Always have music playing. I have an ipod with a Bose dock and it just sits there playing away.
  2. Supply some refreshments like drinks and snacks, and have them sitting on a table in the studio.
  3. Make sure you have some of your art on the walls; large prints are good.
  4. Set up your cameras prior to a shoot. 1/125th second, f/8, 100 ISO, and set your lights accordingly. Consider sharp primes.
  5. Use a tripod. Not for every shot, but use it when you can.
  6. Free as much space as you have. Try to create space so you can move back and use a longer lens. There’s never enough space!
  7. Have backdrops and stands – or better, a hanger, which takes less space.
  8. Display some extra light stands, etc, showing that it is a studio (even if it is a basement).
  9. Ensure that you have softboxes and umbrellas for your studio strobes.
  10. Ensure that you have modifiers like barn doors, strobes, gels and grids. I use my speedlights for those.

These simple tips will help you get started with successful studio shooting.

And going back to the image above: why am I using speedlights in that shoot? Because I can – and they are lighter and smaller than my strobes.


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