As I mentioned, my long promised eBook is ready and is available now!

Here’s the link:

The book, a 108-page PDF (without DRM) costs $19.95.

(“Without DRM” means you are not addled with complexities in downloading or cumbersome technical restrictions on how you use the book you buy!)

This book is pretty unique in that it gives you recipes you can apply immediately, not just basics where you have to work out how to apply them.

A few sample pages:

I look forward to hearing what you all think. And remember: questions and requests are always welcome.


(PS Why not free, or $5? Well, I do give away the free as you know. But as for eBooks: There are many free ones, but they tend not to be the best. Many eBooks like mine sell for $30-$50. Look at Kelby, Grecco and McNally, all of whose books sell for around those prices.  I myself recently bought a photography eBook for $79US. Also – most eBooks are DRM protected; mine is not. An important distinction. And finally, the Photography Cookbook is 108 pages, not the 30 pages you so often see in eBook PDFs. Enjoy!)

16 thoughts on “Book!

  1. I’ve no problem paying $19.95 for a quality product which is what this appears to be. I hope no one complains about having to pay a professional to share their ideas with us. I don’t suppose any of us who work in other careers voluntarily take reduced pay for any reason so why would anyone expect a professional (e.g., photographer) to effectively do the same? We all have bills to pay.

    I’ve purchased the book and scanned through it. As Michael indicated, it has a ton of useful reference information in it. I think it’s a bargain.

    Steve B.

  2. Congratulations Michael! I’ve just purchased a copy and I’m so pleased to have what I know will be an excellent reference tool at my disposal. Thanks! Emma

  3. What a great resource guide, Michael! Glad to see that you have finally published this book; I’ve just purchased and downloaded a copy. After avidly following your Speedlighter blog, and participating in several of your courses, I often thought that it would be extremely beneficial to have all this information compiled in book written in your trademark easy to comprehend style. The recipes for the various scenarios encountered are worth the price alone. Congratulations on this accomplishment.


  4. I have purchased the book today too Michael. Haven’t had a chance to glance through it yet but I know it will be valuable to me as is your daily blog. I hope you do a brisk business with it!

    All the best….

  5. Hello Michael,

    My wife just purchased a copy today and after a first glance I have to congratulate you – the book is a wonderful resource for amateurs like me and her.

    One question though – I can’t seem to make the links in the TOC work – using Adobe Reader XI. I realize this may not the place to ask for technical support, but I’d appreciate your input 🙂

    Thanks !

  6. Hi Michael

    Just purchased your Book Last night….Was very excited to open my email to the link this morning! I have only had a brief moment to glance thru it but it looks amazing. I use a lot and its great to now have all you knowledge in one document especially when I’m out and about and need an answer on how to set up things!!! Can’t wait to sit down and go thru it cover to cover! Congratulations on a Job Well Done!!

    Thanks for all your hard work and Dedication, I have learned so much from you!


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