Shoot Notes

A story-telling (or perhaps rather “question-raising”) photo from a shoot the other day in Hamilton Studio:

This is a rare occasion when I use selective colour. In this case, that is very easy in Lightroom: I use the HSL controls to reduce the saturation (“S”) of only orange and red to zero.

But usually, I do things in the camera. Silhouettes, for instance, like this one:

As you learned here in the past, this is very simple. Just leave the front light off and light only the background (with two speedlights in this case, each fitted with a Honl Photo Egg Yolk Yellow gel).

I decided that additionally lighting the foreground with a far away, not close-up-as-usual, softbox can also work very well:

To my surprise, Egg Yolk Yellow works exceedingly well as a background for model Danielle when I also light the foreground with one remote distant softbox. The distant softbox also works well, in showing her legs to be round (when otherwise they would be lit flat if the softbox was in front of her).


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