Firmware Note

If you have not done so yet, you may find it useful to check for updates to your camera’s firmware regularly.

I have a Canon 1Dx, a Canon 7D, and a Fuji X100 (the latter pictured here, in a close-up shot from a class on Friday):

All these cameras have had their firmware (the built-in software that makes it work) updated in the last year; several repeatedly. I just noticed last night that the 1Dx had another update waiting; one that introduced some important new functionality. I am now up to date again!

How do you update?

  1. Search for “<Camera name> firmware update” on Google.
  2. Then check your firmware against what options are available, if any.  These are usually (in all cases I have seen, certainly) free updates.
  3. If an update is available, first ensure that you have a cleanly formatted memory card and a full battery.
  4. Then download the file, and install, following instructions.

It’s simple, and it’s worth it. If a camera has available updates, they will include new functionality and often bugfixes as well. In some cases, like the 7D update and the X100, it’s almost like getting a new camera.



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