Tomorrow I teach “The Art of Shooting Nudes” in Hamilton, Ontario, and I am looking forward to it very greatly. I rewrote and updated the material; we have a great model and an MUA; great studio, wonderful participants (there’s one more spot open for a last minute interested photographer, by the way).

A lot of this course will be about light. But it is also about posing, composition, and about the fact that nude is not lewd. Students are a mix of men and women.

And it is not all about being explicit every time, either: often, implied shots are great:

Use selective focus. Fill the frame. Use the right light for your pictures. Experiment. Break the rules.

And nudes are timeless.

How timeless?

Here’s how timeless. This is a shot I made the other day with tomorrow’s model:

And… lo and behold…

After I took this, I found this next image online.

From several thousand years ago.

Plus ça change….!


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