Lenses matter

..a week before I go shoot a Jamaica wedding, here is a detail of a shot from my 24-70 f/2.8L lens (click, then view the full original size of this detail):

One of a series of many shots, all the same. And here is a shot from Kristof’s same lens (but the MkII), also one of a series, all the same:

Taken on the same 5D MkIII (and they show the same on my 1Dx). Good methodology (fast shutter, one central small (“spot”) focus point aimed consistently at a contrasty area, good light).

Now, can my lens be tuned, adjusted, calibrated, repaired? We shall see – time will not allow this I fear, so it may be a drive to the shop for me to buy a new lens.

This is the kind of thing pros do – that’s one reason you pay them.


1 thought on “Lenses matter

  1. Hi Michael…. I had the same problem with my 24-70 always being fuzzy. I used Canon’s auto focus micro-adjustment to correct the problem. Now my images are very sharp with this lens.. I always thought the problem was me!! It’s custom function 3 on my 5dm2…. I’m sure your monster camera has the same capability! It’s a per lens adjustment (if you want it to be). Basically it only takes about 5 minutes to review a sequence of shots and dial in the micro focus adjustment with the best result. Worked for me…. On the other hand… I don’t have a wedding to shoot in Jamaica in two weeks!

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