Brampton – come and learn!

There are currently some people signed up for the Sheridan College “Basic Digital Photography” course starting 22 April in the Brampton Campus of Sheridan College. But there is a lot of space.

And.. I am teaching it, so it will NOT be “basic”! 12 weeks of Monday nights, three hours a night, and I teach – and it is my own course. Truly amazing value. Come sign up, or tell your friends to.. it’ll be fun!

Students may register in person, by mail or online via the Sheridan home page….click on Continuing Education, Browse by Area of Interest (a page of boxes), click on course link for e-store information. The e-store displays the course name, course code, course description, semester offerings, cost and number of seats available…if the student chooses to register online, they would then proceed to the shopping cart and pay by VISA or Mastercard.

Come join me for an amazing experience!


2 thoughts on “Brampton – come and learn!

  1. The best value for the money I ever spent on any photography tutorial.
    You’ll definitely learn more than just basic photography and if you ever wanted to shoot in manual mode or learn how to use flash with confidence this is it.
    There is a lot of practice in the classroom and Michael’s photography expertise would answer any of student concern.
    I took it last year and you’ll be glad you did.
    Learn and have some fun.

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