Ten Tips for Comp Cards

I shot a male model yesterday for his comp card (the hand-out that a model uses to get considered by, and used by, agencies and clients).

The key to a shoot like that is to do it well. It is usually a studio-only shoot that includes attention to make-up and hair, and involves various looks all designed to give a great overview of the person.

And here’s Ten Tips for Comp Cards:

  1. Include various looks – but mainly simple processing.
  2. Include a standard headshot.
  3. Include a three-quarter profile.
  4. Include a full profile.
  5. Include various outfits.
  6. Smiles as well as non-smiles.
  7. Simple lighting, as well as edgy lighting.
  8. Accentuate strong points.
  9. B/W as well as colour.
  10. Finish the images properly (the ones shown here are essentially unfinished).

A few more examples:

Fun to shoot, and essential to do well. Nothing kills a modeling career quicker than snapshots on the comp card, and nothing helps more than a great comp card, since it is the first point of contact.

(Yes, I shoot males too, and yes, I can shoot yours, if you like: contact me to learn more.).

Now preparing for my Jamaica destination wedding this coming week…

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