Zoom zoom zoom!

The documenting of Kristen and Dan’s wedding continues, and so, of course, does the photography. Today at Dunn’s falls:

So, how did I light that?

With an on camera flash aimed straight ahead – yes, you can do that outside, when the flash is being mixed with ambient light. On-camera, straight-ahead flash. Which is often a sin, but not here.

But it was flash with a special setting: I zoomed in the flash to the “135mm zoom” setting, while shooting 35mm wide angle (yes, your flash has a zoom setting). That had two effects:

  1. The light is concentrated “flashlight style”, i.e. it is centered, leading to this great vignetting.
  2. The light is more concentrated, and that is what I needed to beat the f/11 at 200 ISO.

Another couple of examples:

Jamaica is wonderful, and the people are wonderful.

Ya man!


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