Tropical Paradise.

If you are thinking of a destination wedding, I say two things:

  1. Do it – you will never regret it. The beauty is amazing, and “all in once place just metres from your room” is great for a relaxed wedding. Marry in a beautiful resort and your images will show that beauty.
  2. Bring your own photographer. He will be able to capture your wedding better, but he wil also capture more than just the wedding, in a way no local hotel photographer can ever do.

Jamaica was fabulous. The people, the wedding…

A few tips.

In terms of light, I did several things. Mainly, create colourful backgrounds by exposing for those backgrounds, and then use flash to light the foreground; as in the image above.

But I also did some with blown out backgrounds: look at the background:

The first has no flash, and is exposed for the couple. The second has flash, and is exposed for the background. Both are good, and I advise all photographers to do various styles: “your” style, but also other styles, and then you choose the best later.

And d not be afraid to use high ISOs. You may need them in order to get fast enough shutter speeds.

I also encourage shooters to use selective lighting, like I am using here at Dunn’s River Falls:

My flash was zoomed to 125mm even though I was shooting at a wide angle, and it was aimed at the subject. Magic!

Do not be afraid of rainy days. They are beautiful, as in Nine Miles here (where Bob Marley was born):

Now, back to my photo finishing – which will take me a little while (think, all week). I will leave you with one more Jamaica image:

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