Portraits – Special Offer Tonight

We love doing portraits, since people are so often the most important parts of our lives. Tonight, in a few hours, from 7-10pm I teach a “Portrait Photography” course in Hamilton, in the studio, and I have a special offer: sign up right now and you can bring a friend for free.

Why? Because I want to encourage all photographers to use studio techniques. But you have to hurry.

And it’s worth knowing how to do studio shooting. Here, for example, was the lovely Reeta in my studio last night:

That simple setup (which you will learn tonight) leads to this:

Important here: the catch lights. Clear, sharp, and off centre:

Also important: catch the mood!

But you can do more, easily. Here’s some patterns thrown onto the back by a cutout:

And of course once you have the lights down pat, you can then get creative and get crazy… like Alana here in a creative and very personal pose:

Life’s more fun if you know how to do studio photography. And all you need is your DSLR and any lens, and a few pocketwizards and lights – all stuff I explain in my courses.


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