Group Shot Basics

Another post on group shots. Here’s another take on a good group shot I made at a wedding:

I shot that as follows:

  • At 1/250th second, 100 ISO, f/8.
  • Using a 35mm lens.
  • Using two strobes (battery-powered) fired into umbrellas.
  • Using Pocketwizards to fire them.
  • Me standing on a chair.
  • Shooting into the sun’s direction (i.e. the group is turned away from the sun).
  • White balance set to “flash”.

That looked like this:

Shooting properly gave me a much better shot, wouldn’t you agree? I have saturated colours. The audience are the “bright pixels”. My perspective show everyone, not just tops of heads, and the backdrop is vegetation. Turning the crowd away from the sun prevented squinting.

And that’s how its done!


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