Live to teach!

I live to teach – have you noticed? And I am hoping you live in part to learn to be a professional photographer.

I live to teach my skills, secrets, and need-to-knows, and there are many opportunities coming up for you to benefit. Of course there’s this daily blog, but get some one-on-one!

  1. See for details of my upcoming Oakville and Hamilton courses. Booking pages aren’t up yet, but bookings are open already, just email me.
  2. I do personal coaching and portfolio reviews, too… contact me!
  3. July: teen workshop in two parts at Oakville Library.
  4. Sheridan College’s fall course in Oakville is open!
  5. A really exciting one: August 18-22, the Niagara School of Imaging course is open!
  6. Vistek Toronto is planning new courses. Stay tuned!
  7. My eBook is out – do you have it yet (click here) ? A 52 “photographic recipes” manual that should go with you everywhere.

Moreover, my next eBook, on Flash Photography, is due out soon! Lots of ways to learn, and this is a great time to get started with that learning.



4 thoughts on “Live to teach!

  1. Hi Michael,
    Can you give some more details about the Sheridan Course? I need to know what course it is that you are teaching (Basic/Intermediat/Advanced). Also, all the links to the courses were only for the spring/summer term.

    • It is the basic course – but I make it pretty advanced. In Oakville. And I will check the sign-up process!

      Course: 70006
      Thursday Nights, 7-10pm
      Start 09/09/2013
      End 02/12/2013

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