Portray your era

We make photographs because we want to remember. We want to be able to time travel back at any time, back to where we were. And photography gives you that ability.

Here are a few portraits just of the last few days – taken privately, or during courses; just for fun.

My son Daniel at his high school graduation, taken with a 200mm lens on the Canon 1Dx and then cropped a little more. See how he stands out as the main subject, and how we wonder what he is thinking – this is all about communication?

Then there’s my friend and student Brian – I used a strobe with a softbox here, and exposed for a dark background (see previous post). This is all about light and colour:

Another student in that course, but now with increased clarity and decreased saturation, to emphasize experience and character. Lit with one direct off-camera flash on our left:

Now me, taken by Brian in the same garden setting as before – this one is all about composition:

And finally, cat Mau while eating treats. Lit with a softbox on our left, behind; and a direct flash on our right, in front: I would say this is all about trust.

I think you will see that portraits tell something about the person you are portraying; can be visually interesting; and are not difficult to make. And that they are expressive of something. If you know what that “something” is, you can do miracles.

So if you want some homework, here’s an assignment: take at least two portraits today, using various light (say, one flash, one available light; or one indoors flash, one outdoors flash; and decide what the picture is about. And let me know how you do.



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