My student Rhonda left me an excellent meal after the food photography session Friday, and she even included a wonderful dessert, so I thought I would picture this dessert for you, before eating it just now:

Yeah, call me unconventional: I am having it with a strong Belgian beer. What of it?

I shot at 100 ISO, 1/200th sec, f/8 or less.

Here, one more, now with a little reflection off the fork, by keeping the back flash lower. I made sure I kept the stem of the beer glass vertical:

Here’s how I shot that. One flash on the camera bounced off the ceiling, and one behind, fitted with a snoot, aimed at me, using wireless TTL, with the A:B ratio set to 4:1:

But what do I go through when shooting this? This, for instance: having to fend off unwanted attention from two beautiful Bengal felines.

And worse, this:

Poor curtains.

It’s all about the detail. Yum:

And talking of detail, here’s how you mount a remote flash. Working up from the bottom, I used:

  1. A light stand.
  2. A ball head.
  3. The flash foot (your flash comes with one!), screwed onto the ball head.
  4. The speedlight, set to remote TTL mode.
  5. A Honlphoto speed strap.
  6. Attached to that, the Honlphoto 12″ snoot.

That all looks like this:

…and away you go.


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