I am preparing for a wedding tomorrow. And as always, I am pumped. Weddings are fun, and while shooting them takes a lot of talent, effort and experience, it is also very rewarding.

So what am I doing tonight? I am making lists. List of:

  • The shots I want.
  • The addresses and times.
  • Names and phone numbers.
  • The equipment I need. Including spares for everything!
  • Events specific to this culture (all weddings have specific cultural traditions – knowing them helps!)

Preparation is half the secret of success. Tip: ensure that your car is in good shape and full of fuel, and that you have cash for parking meters, etc.

I’ll share a little more of the success factors in the next weeks. But now – packing my bags, packing the car, preparing for an all-day shoot. Life’s good when you can do all day what you enjoy!



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