We all have dreams – right? Mine is to buy the only “main” lens I do not have yet: the Canon 85mm f/1.2L. A dream of a lens – the sharpest I have ever used, and the way it focuses manually is like angels are gently licking the internals as you turn the focus rings.

OK – so that is perhaps an exaggeration, the bit about the angels. But I do love this lens, and I just rented it from www.gtalensrentals.com until Thursday. Because when I can not afford a piece of equipment, or when I want to try it out, or when it’s something I would use only a few times a year, I rent.

So this lens: until I can afford, I rent. Here’s a snap of Mau, just now, at 2500 ISO, f/1.4:

This lens is ridiculously sharp, as well as being fast and a pleasure to hold.

Look for some more images made with this lens, in the next few days. And if you have dream equipment too, go rent it for a few days, right now!


2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Michael,
    I have the older Canon 85, f/1.2 L (not the II). I use it mostly for “portraits.” Portraits of antique cars that is. I agree, it’s a dream. One of the few lenses that do a ’32 Buick or ’57 Bugatti justice. Warning: Once you fall in love with the elegance and character of classic antique cars, you’re done. Like moth to flame, it’s hopeless to resist these temptresses.

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