The Telling Details

Travel photo tip, today: often, it’s the little things that make the photo interesting. The telling details, as I like to call them. Not just the big things, the Eiffel Towers of the world.

Can you spot what I mean here? What is the telling detail?

Yes, the man.

And here, the Telling Detail is the Kosher McDonalds sign – because it was a Tel Aviv airport, a few years ago.

And the telling details here are the Hebrew on the Coke, and the Middle-Eastern dishes on the menu:

And the “Big Brother is Watching You” dystopian cameras at Paddington station – a far cry from the cuddly bear in wellies:

More travel info to come. And a tour: Wales, next year, 10 days with me teaching photography. Details soon, but keep the dates open: 20-30 June 2014. 8-12 students only, and a guide, and me teaching!


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