Flash x2!

OK, here’s what we do. I am now offering TWO Oakville “Advanced Flash” Courses: on Saturday, November 9; and again on Sunday, November 10. Both in Oakville, Ontario. This course is for everyone from amateur to pro: I expect you to know basic camera operation including the use of aperture and shutter, but you need know nothing at all about flash.

Why flash? So that you can make pictures like this, straight out of your camera:

As mentioned yesterday, I am limiting the number of students in each class to no more than 4-5, so do get there first.  See the syllabus here, and book via the link at the bottom of that page – indicate your desired date!

Your flash tip for the day: when using your flash outside, keep your shutter speed at 1/200th second or below. Else, your flash would have to go into high-speed/FP mode, which drastically reduces the range. Use manual or shutter-speed priority mode to be sure!


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