I am often asked “what should I go shoot”, and my response is “what you love”.

But there is another reason: History. One reason you use your camera is to record things, and I advise that you do just that. Recording things like the seasons. This was the view outside my front door three months ago:

And this is that same view five minutes ago:

(I want to go hibernate for six months. Or better, get a green card and move to Arizona. Today. Anyone, help!)

Another example of the effect different weather can have on a picture:

But this is also history: this building at Jamieson and Queen St in Toronto burnt down since I took those pictures a few years ago.

Here’s a project plan for you: take a photo of something meaningful to you with reproducible settings (same tripod position, same lens, etc), and repeat monthly for a year. This can be an outside scene, or your living room, it doesn’t matter.

Every picture you take documents history, a moment that will never repeat. So when you wonder “what should I go shoot”, go shoot “today”.  It’ll never be here again. And today is tomorrow’s “those were the days”.


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