I have talked about this before: make use of your work.

And prints are an excellent way of doing that. Here’s a print I just picked up that other day at the printer – a print I made for a friend and client:

It’s not terribly cheap, but it’s not terribly expensive either, for what it is. Now, I am having it framed. The same goes for framing: It’s not terribly cheap, but it’s not terribly expensive either, for what it is. It’s worth it to have art on your walls.

A print is, oh, 1,000 times better than a picture on your PC, Mac or iPad. A tactile, real, thing that will liven up one of your walls forever. That you will look at multiple times every day. That your guests will see without you making a point of showing them.

A print has more pixels than your screen, too, so it looks more real. You can study its detail. Plus, it is larger, which also makes that easy. For me, a 13×19″ print is a small print. For wall use I often recommend metallic paper, 40″ wide, such as the gentleman above is holding, Then, a simple frame around the edges – I use metallic prints often, because not only are they sharp, but also because they need no glass that distorts. If it gets dusty, you can wipe it.

Here’s one 40″ on metallic, and two framed and matted 13×19″ prints:

I just bought a little Canon Selphy 4×6″ printer, too. 4×6 is small, but even at that small size, a print has something special.

My advice: Go back to that special, and use your photos to make prints. Or if you have had a photographer make photos, then order some prints, too. Enjoy photography!


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